Coming soon: our b12 supplement

Coming soon: our b12 supplement

Did you know that vitamin B12 is one of the body’s most complex chemicals? Indeed, it’s the vitamin that remains a mystery to scientists to this day. Despite the mystery and complexity surrounding this vitamin, scientists agree that B12 is essential to optimal health.

Vitamin B12, like the other B vitamins, plays an important role in converting consumed calories into energy. But even if you take vitamin B supplements, you still need to eat your veggies in order to reap the benefits of vitamin B’s energetic superpowers.

Vitamin B12 is needed in the body to form healthy red blood cells and a healthy functioning nervous system. If you’re not very knowledgeable in the field of B12 and its friends, please know that both your blood and central nervous system are vital to your body. Because can you imagine going about your day without a drop of blood?

Maintaining a healthy B12 level will help you to prevent a number of ailments that will definitely make you say: “Prevention is better than cure.” Don’t worry too much, though. It’s easy enough to keep your B12 in check with our supplement a few times a week. The dose of 5,000mcg ensures that your body has the chance to absorb as much as it needs.

If you are closer in age to the triple digits, consider taking a B12 supplement. As you age, your body slowly loses the ability to absorb B12. Easily maintain a healthy level of B12 by taking our supplement daily with a meal.

If you have joined the vegetarian bandwagon, it’s important to know that B12 is only found in animal products. So while you are busy saving our planet from impending doom, you may also be at risk of a B12 deficiency. Don’t worry, though! Our B12 supplements are here to keep you in top form!   

Our B12 supplement may be a great companion in your quest to prevent a deficiency. If you suspect or have a known B12 deficiency, we strongly encourage you to talk to a healthcare professional.

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