Coming soon: our d3 supplement

Coming soon: our d3 supplement

I have to tell you a little secret: at Nurturition, we’re all a bit in love with our D3 supplement. Maybe because the size is so cute. Or because it makes us think of the sun, the beach, blue skies. Or it is the powerful dosage inside these tiny softgels. I don’t know the exact reason. But I can tell you: if you try our D3 supplement, you’ll fall in love with it too!

Our body makes vitamin D when the sun kisses our bare skin. But think about these two words: winter and sunburn. First, wearing a bikini when it’s snowing outside may not be the best idea. Or think about the actual bikini days. The SPF 30 you apply actually prevents your body from making that – much needed – vitamin D.

Now you may wonder how you can ever persuade your body to make enough vitamin D. The solution may not come from your body, but from a bottle. OUR bottle. Let me tell you what our Vitamin D3 may do for you.

In our team, we call it our ‘sunshine supplement’. And with good reason! It can help you to feel happier and more balanced. Tired of the winter blues? Let the sunshine again in your heart with our powerful supplement!

During winter, you may also be more sensitive to the flu or a cold. The reason? Your immune system may be low. Our Vitamin D is formulated to help bring your immune system up to standards again!

Especially if you’re growing older, your bones may become more sensitive to falls and fractures.  Studies suggest that Vitamin D3 may have a positive impact on your bone structure. It may help your bones to become stronger and denser.

The best of all: our D3 capsules come with soybean oil. This makes the vitamin available to your body more easily. If you’re used to taking a Vitamin D tablet, you have to take it with your fattiest meal. We put the fat inside the softgels, so you can take it whenever you want!

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