Three things you should know about our B-complex

Three things you should know about our B-complex

I guess we’ve all heard some wild claims about Vitamin B-complex. Most of them revolve around the subject of energy. ‘Take this supplement, it will give you more energy’ or ‘this supplement will give you the energy you’re looking for’.

Well, let me be honest with you. B-vitamins aren’t able to give you energy all by themselves. It is the food we eat every day that gives us energy. Your daily oatmeal breakfast, or the occasional burger you splurge on.

What B-vitamins can do, however, is helping to transform food into actual energy. If your B-vitamin levels are low, you might not benefit as much as possible from what you eat. So in that case, our B’s can support your body to get that much-needed energy.

It also means something for the choices you make every day. If you nourish your body with fruits, veggies and whole grains, B-vitamins might help you to actually benefit from those healthy choices. Of course, if you choose for white bread or junk food more often than not, you cannot expect B-vitamins to transform them into a healthy and energizing meal. And that’s where these wild claims go astray.

Well, that much about what B-vitamins can do for your digestion and energy. Did you know our B-hive can also help your skin and hair to get a healthier glow again? Brittle nails? Studies suggest that B-vitamins can help them to grow stronger again. No one can stop the aging process. But you don’t have to grow older without great looks!

I guess we’ve all experienced stressful periods. It’s exactly at these moments that our immune system seems to fail us. We get the flu or a nasty cold. Our B-complex is formulated to support you in two ways: it can help to improve your immune system’s reaction to stressful circumstances. And it may help to restore the balance in your mind.

Our tablets contain all of your daily B-vitamins, in perfectly dosed servings. You can order our Vitamin B-complex with peace of mind. Our balanced formula is GMO-free, and manufactured and composed in the USA.

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