Why you want to join the #cleaneating party

Why you want to join the #cleaneating party

The #cleaneating on Instagram is probably one of my favorite hashtags. Mostly because of all the pretty images. Just scrolling through all those colorful pictures of fruit and veggies gets me craving all the healthy goodies. 

But it seems that #cleaneating is more than just a few pretty pictures on Insta. It’s a lifestyle that promotes not just eating a bunch of fruit and veggies but also advocates making environmentally-sound choices. For example, buying locally grown and in-season produce.

Here’s a short list of the other key principles of clean eating:

  1. Eat whole foods [foods in its natural state]
  2. Cook your own meals
  3. Eat more plant-based
  4. Drink enough water
  5. Stay physically active
  6. Get enough sleep

Quite the list, right? If you’ve tried to incorporate all these principles into your life, you know that’s not an easy feat. Maybe you’ve lost all your motivation to live a healthy lifestyle. Try not to get too discouraged. In fact, I have a little list of reasons to join the #cleaneating party to get you excited again!

#Cleaneating helps you to…

  • Maintain a healthy weight more easily
  • Improve your sleep quality
  • Improve your mood and focus
  • Boost your immune system and fight off sickness
  • Give your energy a boost and stay more productive  

By the way, if you lack inspiration, check out #cleaneating on Instagram. I’m sure you’ll find something of your liking between those 36 million posts. Try not to get lost!

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