Vitamin D3 highly Bioavailable Softgels with 50mcg - 2000 IU (250 Softgels) D3 - GMO Free & Made in the USA

  • HERE COMES THE SUN - Our sunshine supplement is formulated to help you feel happier and more balanced. 
  • PROTECT YOUR IMMUNE SYSTEM - Studies suggest that D3 may give your immune system a healthy boost. Taking our supplement can help protect your body from unwanted intruders.
  • HELP YOUR BONES TO BECOME MORE SHOCKPROOF - Studies suggest that Vitamin D3 may improve your bone structure. It can help make your bones denser, so they become more shock resistant.
  • TAKE OUR D3 WHENEVER YOU WANT IT - Did you know D3 needs a fat for better absorption? Most professionals advise taking your D3 tablet with your fattiest meal. But we put the fat - soybean oil - inside the softgels, so you can take it any time of the day!
  • A SOURCE YOU CAN TRUST - Our supplement is GMO-free and is formulated and composed in the USA.

Your body makes vitamin D when the sun kisses your - exposed - skin. Now that’s great, but what to do when the sun hides behind the clouds, like when it’s winter? That’s where our D3 comes into play.

Our supplement may help you to get a sunnier mood. So even when the sun hides behind the clouds, it can help you to let the sunshine on the inside.

During winter, you can be more sensitive to the flu or a cold. The reason? Your immune system may be low. Our Vitamin D supplement is formulated to help support your immune system. It may be the extra boost you need when it’s cold outside!

With our D3 vitamins, you’ll do your bones a big favor. Especially when you’re growing older, your bones may become more sensitive to falls and fractures. Research suggests that D3 can help your bones to become denser and healthier.


  • Vitamin D3 (cholecalciferol)
  • Other ingredients:
  • Soybean oil, gelatin (bovine), glycerin and purified water

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