Prenatal Methyl Folate 800 mcg - 90 Capsules - Non-GMO Prenatal Vitamins - Best Pregnancy Vitamins with Methyl Folate

  • BEST FOR BABY - Folate or Vitamin B9 is essential for healthy neurological development of your unborn baby.
  • AND BEST FOR MOMMY - Folate may also give a boost to your own health. Who doesn’t need some extra support while pregnant? It can help you to feel happier and may bring you better focus and heart health.
  • THE PREFERRED FORM OF FOLATE - Methyl Folate is Folate in its natural form. Easily recognized by your body, so you will benefit to the max of our supplement.
  • IT TAKES TWO TO TANGO - Take two capsules a day to make sure you reach the recommended daily intake of 800mcg a day. And don’t forget to give your hubby one. It may also give a boost to his health!
  • A SOURCE YOU CAN TRUST - Nothing but the best is good enough for you and your baby. You can take our supplement with peace of mind. It is GMO-free, and formulated and composed in the USA.

Good for babies
I guess everyone knows Folate is essential for the healthy development of your unborn baby. But not everyone can absorb Folic Acid - the most common form of Folate - easily. That’s why we developed our Methyl Folate supplement.

Methyl Folate is Folate in its natural form. Your body will recognize it easily, so it will be absorbed better and might bring better results.

Good for moms and dads
Folate isn’t just for your baby’s health. Healthy Folate levels are also associated with better focus, a happier mood and a better heart health in adults.

So while you take our supplement for your baby, you might also benefit from it yourself. Oh, and don’t forget to give one to your hubby as well. If his Folate levels are low, it may also give him that extra boost he needs!


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