Probiotics 60 capsules - Immune Defense 15 mg PreforPro - Easy to Swallow - GMO Free & Made in USA

  • RESTORE AND MAINTAIN THE BALANCE IN YOUR GUT FLORA - Our supplement is a unique combination of prebiotics and probiotics. Together they make a dynamic duo to create and maintain the perfect balance in your gut.
  • NOT JUST FOR BLOATING - Having a healthy gut isn’t just the absence of bloating and cramps. Did you know it can also give your immune system a boost, and that it may even help you to feel happier?
  • RECOVERING FROM ANTIBIOTICS? - Our blend will give you that extra boost you need. So your guts will be back in shape in no time.
  • A SOURCE YOU CAN TRUST - Our supplements are GMO-free and are formulated and composed in the USA.

Not just for your gut
‘All diseases start in the gut.’ Who doesn’t know this famous quote by Hippocrates? Indeed, research suggests that healthy gut flora can have a positive influence on many aspects of your overall feeling of wellbeing. So it may not only give a boost to your digestion, or reduce bloating. It can also give extra support to your immune system, and it may even make you feel happier!

Prebiotics and probiotics. Say what?
To restore the balance in your gut, you sometimes need a little help. Our supplement is a combination of pre- and probiotics. Probiotics are the healthy microorganisms our capsules introduce to your gut, for instance, Lactobacillus acidophilus and Bifidobacterium lactis. But of course, these healthy bacteria need food. Fiber is that food - and that’s what the prebiotics are for. Together, they form a dynamic duo that helps to introduce and maintain friendly bacteria in your gut.




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