Vitamin B12 5000 - 60 Tablets - (Methylcobalamin B12) - Best Vitamin B12 supplement - Non-GMO - helps to release energy from food

  • FEELING LIKE YOU’RE RECOVERING FROM A POWER OUTAGE? - Get the power inside again! Methyl B-12 plays an essential role in releasing energy from the food you eat. Making healthy choices, but still feeling tired? B-12 might be the answer for you!
  • ARE YOU READY TO FOCUS? - Struggling with your concentration? Tired of brain fog? Studies suggest B12 can help to improve your mental and cognitive functions. Prepare yourself for getting things done! 
  • WANT TO STAY YOUNG AT HEART? - Especially if you’re growing older, you may be at risk of lower B12 levels. Studies suggest that taking a Vitamin B12 supplement regularly may have a positive impact on your heart and blood health. 
  • ‘A SAFEGUARD FOR THE NERVOUS SYSTEM’ - That’s how some people describe their B-12 supplement. And with good reason. Research seems to show that B-12 strengthens the protective layer that surrounds your nerves, making it less vulnerable.
  • THE WAY TO KEEP YOUR LEVELS UP - If you’re a vegetarian, or if you’re growing older, you may be struggling to keep your B12 levels in check. Methylcobalamin or methyl (sometimes misspelled as methly) is the most bioavailable form of B12. Two or three tablets a week can be enough for you to keep your levels healthy and stable.

Keep your levels up
Our B12 supplement is the solution if you’re looking for a way to keep your B12 levels up. Your B12 levels may be at risk if you’re a vegetarian or maybe a flexitarian. As B12 is only found in meat and animal products, it can be wise to take a B12 supplement from time to time. The good thing is that our supplement is so powerful, you only have to take it 2 or 3 times a week!

When you’re growing older, your body is less equipped to absorb B12. Taking a B12 supplement every now and then can help to prevent a B12 deficiency. There’s no need to worry about an overdose: B12 is non-toxic, and it will leave your body the natural way.

Benefits of taking a B12 supplement
Taking a B12 supplement regularly...

... can help you to feel more energized.
… can help to improve your focus
... seems to have a positive impact blood and heart health
… is likely to strengthen your nervous system

If you’re looking for a way to keep your levels up, 2 or 3 tablets a week will normally do. You can take up to 1 tablet a day with peace of mind. B12 is non-toxic, and what your body doesn’t need is secreted in your urine.

However, if your B12 levels are extremely low, your body may not be able to absorb B12 in the form of a supplement. If you suspect this is the case for you, please consult your doctor.